Soulmate School

is for you if…

  • you’ve tried all the law of attraction tools to manifest a great relationship and it just isn’t happening
  • you’d rather be single than be in another unhappy relationship, but at the same time you’re so done with being alone
  • you wonder if the scars from past relationships or trauma are holding you back
  • your friends can’t believe that you’re still single. You secretly wonder if there’s something wrong with you
  • you know that you’re subconsciously attracting the wrong kind of guy, but you don’t know how to fix it and attract the right kind of man
  • you’re done beating yourself up thinking, “I should be able to figure this out by myself”

Private Sessions

are for you if you are a woman who…

  • feels all of the above (Soulmate School) and is ready to go deeper
  • Is truly ready to transform
  • Already knows your own ‘story’ and you’re willing to let the parts that don’t serve you go
  • Is financially sound and ready to fully commit to yourself
  • Takes full responsibility for your role in creating your own life
  • Is yearning for a deeper connection with the spiritual aspect of yourself

Free Offerings

Each month I offer a free live meditation to support you in your journey of love and connection as a part of my Love Notes Series.

Go here to listen to all 8+ of the recordings of the monthly meditations in this series for free!

Here are a couple of my favorites too:

The first one is called Embodying You – Trusting Your Feminine Essence.

This Feminine Essence is the part of you that attracts and manifests and
creates what you want in your life. Attracting love is not a mental process.
It’s not about dating strategies and online profiles. It’s about getting into
your body and your heart and being a magnet for deep love.

The second one is called Embodying You – Softening into the Flow.

This call will help you to get in touch with your inner voice so you can hear what’s really true for you. Help you soften into the flow of what’s happening in your body in the moment. And give yourself permission to listen to that guidance and inner wisdom.